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Couples spoilt for choice at new ‘Victoria for Two’

Good things come in pairs, as the old saying goes. And it’s hard to imagine anything better than pairing up with your significant other to experience Victoria for Two - the amazing new adults-only accommodation offering at the Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa in Mauritius.

If you’re planning a honeymoon, a romantic getaway or a celebration with your better half the two new luxurious accommodation options at this award-winning resort need some serious consideration. And for good reason too!

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Canonnier: The place to unwind when the honeymoon is over

Face it, you need a break. You need to escape the rigours of everyday life and unwind somewhere peaceful, where the crystal-clear blue waters tickle your toes as you lounge on the white sand and sip on something colourful and cold.

As you struggle to get your inbox under control and get a handle on your scheduling, you fondly remember how not so long ago you and your significant other could throw together a few essentials and head for places unexplored.

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A kid's holiday of a lifetime awaits at the Victoria Beachcomber

If you asked your children at the breakfast table one Saturday morning where your next family holiday should be, chances are pretty good they'd shout out in unison: "the Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa in Mauritius".

Ok . . . perhaps they wouldn't have been that specific in their reply.

But the findings of a survey released in the United States earlier this month suggest they'd definitely be thinking along the lines of an exciting island getaway where they can swim and spend time with their friends and family in spacious accommodation.

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Here’s an interesting Q&A that may see you win a prize at your next golf day quiz:

  • Question: Which country, in 1844, became only the third in the world to be introduced to golf?
  • Answer: Mauritius

Who knew? Did you? Well, what we do know at Beach Travel is that the British were on to something good all those years back.  

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If you’re looking for a fantastic beach holiday for the whole family with superb facilities and exciting activities that cater for your children - no matter their age - look no further than a Beachcomber Mauritius resort. 

The Bob Marlin mini-clubs at our Mauritius hotels are perfect for children and teenagers: a safe place with well-trained staff where kids can be independent of their parents in the secure environment of the resort.

Each kids’ club has a spacious playground with the latest and most modern equipment.

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Victoria Resort & Spa

"I truly could not ask for better! The honeymoon was the only thing I knew I won't have to stress about because we are in good hands" - Alicia & Johannes

Mauricia Resort & Spa

"It was a magical experience and we really enjoyed ourselves" Trevolin & Relisha


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